Breaking News! I Think I Just Got Censored on Twitter!

A Lady of Reason

UPDATE: Justice has been served! We spoke out and held Twitter accountable!!! Keep our voices heard! Score one for common sense, reason, and justice!

So, for a while now, Twitter has been a huge platform for me to get my voice out there, but as of last night, my stats have dropped significantly, and I found out no one can see my comments to other tweets, which have gotten many views in the past, including just last night! I don’t know for sure, but I fear the radical liberals on Twitter have come after me now too! I’m asking my loyal followers to please speak out for me on social media and here on WordPress, as they came for Prager U, and they can come for you next! Stay silent, and who will be there to speak up for when it happens to you? I never thought A Lady…

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