Dysgenics and Solutions

In the last two articles I have talked about why I believe that average intelligence is falling in the “Western” world. In this article I will talk about how we can reverse this trend. Firstly attitudes will have to change. We must break the taboo and force the subject of dysgenics into the mainstream media. None of the necessary changes in government policy are going to come about until voters are forced to face reality. I appreciate that this is a huge task but the debate is already taking place in the alternative media and blogosphere to some extent. Even if those working couples who are having children currently increased the number of children they had just a little, we could soon be back to sustainable levels. If they could be made to see that the children they are having face a bleak future if average intelligence continues to decline, then they might be persuaded to have just one or two more. Couples must also be persuaded to have children earlier to reduce the risks of birth defects.

Secondly we simply have to reduce the welfare bill to reduce the burden on working families. To have children whilst you are unemployed is to abuse the system. The smallest necessary change is to stop child benefit payments altogether to those who have children while they are not working. As shown in the last article these payments directly lead to an increase in birth rates among the least intelligent members of society.  Trying to fight poverty by giving unrestricted welfare to people who will not work merely creates more poverty. A change to flexible retirement age for state pension payments should be considered to relieve the financial pressure on working families. Some people argue that we should go even further and abolish the welfare state altogether. I think we should take this suggestion seriously. However whatever is done should be done in stages, otherwise hardship will be acute and people will resort to crime, endangering the stability of society.

Another pressure seldom mentioned is the pressure on housing. In the UK we have strict planning laws, with correspondingly low rates of house building and yet very high rates of net migration into our country. We don’t want to turn our green and pleasant land into a concrete jungle, so instead we should regain control of our borders and stop immigration in its tracks. The key to a peaceful and happy future is sustainability and stability in all things. At the moment even those working couples who want to have children are thwarted by the astronomically high house prices in the UK.

Till now, successive governments have used mass immigration as a solution, for example simply propping up the NHS by importing doctors and nurses from other countries. The Labour government dramatically increased the wages of doctors partly in order to attract doctors from foreign countries. This is morally indefensible. The countries affected can scarcely afford to lose these people. In any case, eventually those countries will start to object and we will be left with a shortage of new doctors. We must return to a sustainable situation where the middle classes have enough children so that there are enough children born here capable of becoming the doctors of the future. The same applies to all other professions as well. There may in fact be a large brain drain effect occurring as the “West” draws the most intelligent people from less developed nations. This could even be a significant factor in the breakdown of stability in these countries. It may even explain why some countries continue to be basket cases even with the wide availability of new technology such as mobile phones.

If we fail to change direction, then our decline will continue until our current democratic system collapses altogether. The burden on taxpayers will just grow to the point where the state is bankrupted. Those who wish for such an outcome should think carefully about it. Banks could collapse. The police, emergency services, army would all be unpaid. A complete breakdown in law and order could occur, with no doctors and nurses available to treat the casualties of the huge crime wave that would result. Far better to at least attempt to achieve a managed transition to a better society.

Dysgenics and Welfare

It is now over half a century since the creation of the modern welfare state in the UK. The modern welfare state did not embody the principle that William Beveridge laid out that unemployed men should be supported by the state “but with complete and permanent loss of all citizen rights – including not only the franchise but civil freedom and fatherhood.”

To many people that statement seems quite shocking today. But, after so many decades of welfare without such limitations, where are we now? We have a large and growing underclass of people who have not only never worked but actually generations have now been born and grown up entirely supported by the welfare state.

We have a large and rapidly growing population of Muslims in the UK (this population doubled in a single decade according to census statistics). A disproportionately large percentage of Muslims (especially Muslim women) are not working and are supported by the state. Welfare is not only directly fueling the growth of this population, but is encouraging the least intelligent members of it to have more children. The tendency of this particular population to intermarry among cousins is also leading to more genetic defects in children, increasing the cost of care provided by our free healthcare system, the NHS.


Of course there are problems in the non-Muslim underclass as well. Parents who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and tobacco are damaging their children both in the womb and after birth. Parents on welfare may not only tend to be less intelligent in the first place, they are more likely to impair the development of their children’s brains during brain development as well.

Here is a study that shows there is a link between more generous welfare payments and birthrates of the recipients:

Click to access wp0809.pdf

No surprise there really. Why is it so controversial to talk about such an obvious problem? Welfare is taking money away from hard working families through taxation, making it more difficult for them to afford to have children.

An even larger problem for the hard working people is the growing state pension bill. This is a very large part of state spending. As people are living ever longer the cost continues to grow, making it still harder for hard working families to have children.

To summarize, our current generous welfare system is making it increasingly difficult for hard working members of society to afford to have children. Lazy and incapable people meanwhile are continuing to have children without restriction, courtesy of those hard working people. Its more than likely that average intelligence is falling as a result of these pressures.

Dysgenics and Birth Control

Of all the factors affecting the decline of the “West”, surely the largest and yet often ignored is the invention of effective birth control, and the impact of its use on birth rates. Once people had the choice to have smaller families, they began to do so but well below replacement level. The middle classes were particularly badly hit as women began to focus more on careers than raising children. Postponing children till her career was established often meant that the professional woman found she was too old to conceive, once she got around to trying to get pregnant. Of course this trend is going to lead to a decline in the average intelligence of a population. In the future there will not be enough doctors etc.. I think we can also see evidence of this decline in declining educational standards and the increasing banality of popular culture. The level of political debate also seems to be declining.

At the same time as effective birth control had become widely available, the cultures of women’s “liberation” and “political correctness” became the prevailing ideas in society. These ideologies have been stifling any debate about the possible longer term consequences of the late parenthood and childlessness of the better educated. Dysgenics has for many decades now been almost a taboo subject, associated in a great many people’s minds with the Nazi holocaust and other 20th century attempts at eugenics. The methods used by these eugenics programmes were brutal and inhumane. However if average intelligence really is in decline, as seems certain, then we need to examine the causes and look for humane solutions in for example, welfare policy. I will be examining the subject of dysgenics and welfare specifically in the next article.

The little dysgenics research that has been done to date, by Professor Emeritus Richard Lynn for example, has also included studies of differences between races. This has led to those of the “politically correct” mainstream view dismissing the very science as somehow inherently racist. The subject of racial differences in average intelligence is important, particularly for deciding whether positive discrimination is really a good idea.  However, undue focus on this aspect of dysgenics research has unfortunately distracted attention from the larger question, i.e. has average intelligence in the whole population been declining, and by how much.

For a long time the research of Professor Emeritus James Flynn seemed to suggest that intelligence was actually increasing, leading to the phrase the “Flynn Effect”. This may however have been occurring due to improvements in diet and improvements in the environment, such as the removal of lead from petrol. Its also worth considering that more recent generations might be benefiting from reduced anxiety stemming from economic prosperity, enabling them to concentrate better during IQ tests.  Thus an underlying fall in genetic intelligence may have been disguised by environmental factors.

More recent studies however seem to point towards declining average scores in IQ tests in any case:


I explained my reservations with IQ testing in a previous article “Intelligence, Concentration and IQ Tests”. I believe IQ tests do have some value however, as they are the only real measure of intelligence we have, but I think other approaches to dysgenics research should be used in addition to IQ testing. Birth rates in different professions (for both men and women) should be studied. It is probable that if the birth rates in occupations that require higher levels of intelligence to perform them are lower than for less skilled occupations, then a decline in average intelligence is very probably taking place. I put it to the social sciences academics in our universities that they have a responsibility to study this. I am not aware of many such studies having taken place so far, I would be very grateful to my readers who know of any if they could provide information.

An example of such a study from the 2006 New Zealand census showed that women who had completed higher education were having substantially fewer babies (1.85) than those who had no higher education (2.57):


This should be a great concern.  We need more studies like this.

To summarize this article I am not attempting to prove here that average intelligence is in decline, although I believe it is. Rather I am saying there are a lot of trends that suggest that there is such a decline taking place, and I am calling for the subject to no longer be off limits. Academics in public institutions particularly have a responsibility to study dysgenics which they are by and large neglecting. Studying social trends is what the taxpayer is paying them to do. Ignoring these trends could have very bad consequences in the long run. For example, the human race has terrible weapons of mass destruction at its disposal. If people are becoming less intelligent, the likelihood of these weapons being used grows larger. Brutal, oppressive regimes are also more likely to seize power in nations that do not have enough intelligent people to oppose them, creating misery for those who live under them.

Of course in an era of very low rates of infant mortality, effective birth control is essential for a harmonious and peaceful world. Without it the population of the human race would continue increasing until there simply was not enough food and water to go around. Then a vicious fight for survival would take place. We should therefore be aiming for sustainability in birth rates to achieve a peaceful world.