I am moved to write because I fear that “Western” civilization is in decline, and malign forces are on the rise in the world which threaten to accelerate that decline. For some time I have been studying global current affairs with increasing alarm. My blog will be dedicated to identifying the problems underlying current trends and to finding peaceful solutions to those problems. The particular areas I am concerned about are welfare, immigration, freedom of speech and the creeping authoritarianism that I see growing in Western governments.

I will be writing some UK specific articles as well as more general articles. The subjects I will cover will include Politics, Government, Law, Religion, Psychology among others. I would not be so vain as to describe myself as a philosopher, I prefer to call myself a thinker, just as everybody else is. I am also an amateur poet and will be posting poems occasionally.

Comment is very welcome, as long as it is not defamatory against any person, actually racist (as opposed to what we might call “culturalist”), and does not incite violence. If you have facts you want to share then please quote your sources if you can.

I will be endeavouring to post articles regularly at least once a week.  Please feel free to link to any posts that you find useful in an argument.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you think you have what it takes to contribute to the ‘Western Activism Division’? You would have to discuss current affairs in the West, but with a view to collaborating with like minded individuals from the Islamic world who equally want to fight terrorism, requiring you to suspend an anti-Islamic stance, but maintaining full attack on Jihadists and the like, also, it would expand your potential range of activity, subjects, and collaboration quite a bit… See here and reply through the site please. http://www.zeroglobaljustice.wordpress.com


    • That looks like an interesting project but I’m afraid I would not be interested in being involved in that.

      The reason is very simply that I believe Islam is the cause of jihadism, so I would not be being true to my own beliefs to suspend my anti-Islamic stance. Islam encourages the very intolerance that surely you are trying to challenge? To say that to join such an organization that is promoting justice I must forbear from criticizing child marriage, wife beating, slavery etc., this seems to me to be a fundamental contradiction in terms.


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