5 thoughts on “The Fake Ecologists

  1. Thanks for reblogging this. I’ve disabled comments on it and on my other posts as I’ve decided to take a break for a while from blogging, so I realise that I am taking a liberty by commenting on here. The issue is not simply about immigration, it is large scale international economic migration in itself, outflow as well as inflow, for any country, even if these roughly balance. More than that, as far as the Green Party is concerned, it has betrayed the ‘small is beautiful’ ethos – whereby society should be structured from the bottom-up. not the top down – of the ecology movement and its own history as the Ecology Party by supporting the EU. Also, specifically, the Green Party used to advocate British withdrawl from the EU if the Common Agricultural Policy were not abolished, which of course it hasn’t been and there is no sign that it ever will be. The specific cultural issue of immigration from certain countries and the response of the Green Party’s one and only MP, who started her political career in the ‘bohemian’ bedsit-land of East Oxford, I have left as a ‘sticky’ at the top of my blog.

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    • Thanks for your comment dissentangle. You are making very important arguments here, I believe these deserve a wider audience.

      I have recently been collaborating with the blogger you know called “British Awakening” on a new website called the Participator (a new online opinion magazine):


      Would you mind if we re-published your article again there, of course crediting you as author and including a link to your blog? We are actively trying to get a range of views we don’t want to be an echo chamber, all we require is that writers agree with the statement:

      This site is bringing together writers on politics and social issues who are united in concerns about creeping authoritarianism and encroachments on the freedom of speech, and the erosion of equality before the law. Beyond those uniting concerns, many differing opinions are represented here on other issues.

      (Quote from our About page).


      • Thanks for offering to republish this blog post, however if you were to, I’d feel obliged to respond or at least engage with other commenters on the site and I am a bit fed up of politics with a capital ‘p’. As, if or when I take up blogging again, I might well start a new blog, looking at things in a less strictly political sense. Hopefully, the Green Party’s pro-EU hypocrisy is something which others will take up. Why not do so yourself? You could just link it back to here. It is the *issues* which are the important things. Up until about a decade ago the ‘Greens’ were at most ambivalent about the EU.

        I believe that the ecology movement (like the vegetarian movement, with which there is a large crossover) has its roots in English nonconformism; though in a secular, rather than religious sense. It is this nonconformism, particularly of the North and Midlands, that in another way, expressed itself through the referendum, ie that our general outlook is a bit different from that of our continental neighbours. I have to say that I don’t follow the Trumpkin / Alt-Right narrative (I cannot stand Paul Joseph Watson) about the EU and I don’t like the way that they have hijacked ‘Brexit’ for their ends.

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