“Black Lives Matter” Protests In UK Despite Reduction In Racial Profiling

Some quotes from Breitbart in an article about UK police stop and search policy:

A prominent former Metropolitan police officer has said that stop and search saves black lives, by “stopping black youths killing other black youths”. This comes after a member of the Riots Victim and Communities Panel has said that it is “highly likely” that a drop in stop and search has contributed to a rise in knife crime in London.

This reduction in stop and search follows Theresa May’s autumn conference speech in 2014 when she condemned racial profiling in stop and search policing.

Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley stated on Sky News:

“Stop and search works if we want to stop, frankly, black youths killing other black youths.”

He remarked that in 2008, of the 29 teenagers who had been stabbed to death in London in that year alone, 28 had been black, and “virtually all of the assailants were black”.

“[The then Mayor of London] Boris [Johnson] wanted something done. The police wanted something done, and we started to step stop and search up. As a result of that, seven years later, only seven youths were stabbed to death in London.”

The article concludes with a recent statistic since stop and search has been reduced:

The Black Lives Matter protests came in the same week that two black teenagers were killed in separate knife attacks. Ten youths have been killed by stabbing in the capital since January.

Full article here:


Bizarrely the Black Lives Matter movement staged a protest in London recently where they were chanting “F*** off Theresa May”.

F*** Off Theresa May

One of their demands is an end to racial profiling, which is what Theresa May has been delivering. It seems some people just cannot ever be satisfied.

One thought on ““Black Lives Matter” Protests In UK Despite Reduction In Racial Profiling

  1. It’s so confusing. What are they protesting? That the police should let young black men kill each other without police interference? And that guy going on about how “we’re all human” better get with the BLM program. -BLM get pretty huffy if anyone suggests that “all lives matter.”

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