Where Next For Brexit?

Now the referendum is over, there are many things to think about going forward. The referendum may have been won, but there is still a long road ahead before Brexit becomes a reality.


48% of the UK voted to Remain (well at least discounting possible fraud – questions have now got to be asked of the pencil system (1)). How many were swayed by the Remain propaganda in the media we won’t know. The disgraceful use of Jo Cox’s murder in an attempt to tarnish the Leave campaign was an example of how low the Remain side of the argument were prepared to stoop, and how lacking of good arguments they really were. Many of those who voted for Remain were the believers in big government, and opponents of “austerity” (also known as prudent financial restraint). We must work harder to convince these people that governments have to balance the books, just as individuals do. Some of these voters seem to have been genuinely under the delusion that the EU was a sort of money tree, generously handing out money to the needy people. Did they really not understand that we give money to the EU and then they give some of it back to us, if they feel like it?


The fact that the BBC does not represent the people of Great Britain came even more starkly into focus during the campaign. All through the campaign they were confidently predicting a Remain result, until the evidence became too overwhelming. I wonder if the vote for Leave would have been even more decisive had the British people not been subjected to their constant stream of pro-EU propaganda. Now the vote is in they are wailing and doom-mongering about the future, as if they are anxious to prove that Leave cannot work. This organization must be renamed and privatized. It is not British it would be better renamed as the EUBC. Let it survive in the free market, if it can.


Theresa May must also resign. As the architect of “Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders” she clearly does not understand the principle of freedom of speech, or why it is so very fundamentally important. A democracy cannot function without freedom of speech.

Furthermore, in the run up to the referendum she seemed to be hedging her bets in a very calculated political move. At first she seemed to be on the Leave side when she gave a seemingly strong speech against unrestricted immigration. However, not long after this speech she announced for Remain. The fact that she is now (again) being touted as a possible Tory leader despite supporting Remain, after a Brexit vote, just speaks volumes about how out of touch most of the prominent political pundits currently are.


I’m going to study the candidates for a while before making up my mind about that. I’m tempted to think Michael Gove might in fact be a better candidate than Boris Johnson at the moment. We are trapped in a two party system, so who leads the Conservatives really matters. We also need to consider democratic reform (see related posts). The two party system is inherently undemocratic.


This may seem like none of our business, as we voted to leave altogether. However, Europe is on our doorstep, what happens in Europe matters to the UK whether we are in or out of the EU. So, to those on the continent, think about his “leadership”, what has he accomplished? The union he is supposed to be leading is showing signs it may break up altogether, a number of other countries are now considering holding their own referendums. He has done nothing at all to stop a massive illegal influx of people into Europe, a phenomenon that is likely to lead to great instability in the future. Since the majority of these illegal migrants are Muslims coming from Muslim countries it is likely that they will undermine the very European way of life, since their culture is antithetical to the freedom of the West. He declared that there will be no debate with “populist” parties, even if they are democratically elected by the people of their countries (2). If the voters of Europe cannot dislodge this anti-democratic nitwit, then it seems to me the EU is no longer a viable union at all, if it ever was. As long as the EU is in existence, the people of Europe need to press for better leadership than this. These migrations are happening right now, they will be very difficult to reverse. It is very easy to let people into your country, it is very hard (and very expensive) to eject them once they are in.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a clip of the man in action:

The Merry Leader of Europe


62% of the Scots voted for Remain. Of course now there are calls for another Scottish referendum to leave the United Kingdom. I would be sorry to see Scotland leave the United Kingdom. However Scotland is in the grip of the socialist delusion that big governments can solve all of everybody’s problems. Just like the Germans blindly follow Mutti Merkel in Germany, the Scots cling to Maw Nicola’s skirt like they haven’t properly grown up yet. Both of these seemingly well-intentioned leaders are like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading the children away from reality.

The glitter of black gold in the North Sea (in any case receding) is a very short-sighted reason to break up a centuries old union. We need to work hard to convince the people of Scotland that the EU is not their friend. The EU will suck their blood. Do they also think a small country like Scotland will be favourably looked on by the EU, when Spain for example has a desire not to encourage break-away regions? If the much larger UK could not get its voice heard in the EU, what chance does Scotland, less than one tenth of the total UK’s population, have of being heard?  Scotland is better off remaining in this much older union of kingdoms within our island.

If Scotland were to leave the UK, Hadrian’s wall will have to be rebuilt. This might sound like a joke but its really not. One of the biggest, if not the biggest, issues in Brexit voters minds was unrestricted immigration. We must have control over our borders. If the “nationalist” SNP are determined to remain in a European Union that is determined to allow free movement of people, then Scotland will otherwise be an easy route for the people smugglers.


Already the powers that be are making noises that sound a bit like they think we might be better off with an “associate” EU membership, whatever that means. Boris Johnson has always been in favour of mass immigration, his almost last minute switch to supporting Leave seems a bit suspicious. The Leave campaign is not over, yet.


(1) Possible counting fraud?

(2) http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/05/24/eu-vows-use-new-powers-block-elected-far-right-populists-power/

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