The Door Marked Brexit

I woke up this morning with a feeling that I could breathe more freely. The UK has voted to leave the dreadful blood-sucking, incapable, bureaucratic encumbrance known as the European “Union”. Hopefully this is the beginning of a move away from big government, nanny-statism, state censorship of dissenting opinions and is the start of a revival of the free West. The EU has not been unifying Europe it has been trying to destroy its very soul.

3 thoughts on “The Door Marked Brexit

    • The Scotland question is something I will be coming back to.

      I will not be missing Cameron. He once said he wanted to see Muslims in all the highest offices of the land, in politics, the army, the police. Islam is not compatible with democracy, consider the story of Asma bint Marwan for example. Islam is not compatible with democracy because it is not compatible with freedom of speech. It cannot survive in a critical environment.

      Cameron is an enemy of freedom of speech, he barely understands what the phrase means. His home secretary Theresa May is trying to get a bill passed that will enable the government of the day to silence not only its critics, but critics of the Islamic religion as well. In their eyes, criticism of Islam is a form of “extremism”. I wrote about this in an earlier blog post:

      “Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders”

      No, the departure of Cameron is cause for celebration. There are many better candidates in the Conservative party.

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