Our Shared European Identity

In the last post I wrote about the Persecution of Non-Muslims, an increasing problem throughout the world. What strikes me most strongly about these persecutions is the deafening silence, the lack of outrage, among the non-Muslims of the world. The Muslims of the world feel a sense of shared grievance when they believe a Muslim has suffered at the hands of a non-Muslim, as witnessed for example by demonstrations by Muslims of mostly Pakistani origin in the UK against the state of Israel. However, the non-Muslims seem to lack a similar sense of shared grievance when non-Muslims suffer at the hands of Muslims. Can people be united around a negative, around the fact that they are NOT Muslims?

In Europe particularly, there has been a culture of political “correctness” and white guilt, German guilt, and self-hatred of the European past, that has been stoked by European left-wingers generally and by the architects of the European Union. Reporting by the mainstream media of abuse of non-Muslims has been suppressed. For example, the large number of rapes by predominantly Muslim grooming gangs in the UK were for a long time not reported. In another example, it took many days before the mainstream media reported on the events at Cologne train station on New Year’s Eve 2015. Non-Muslims should be outraged by this, but instead they are largely meekly accepting of it. Many would deny that Islam was even a factor in such an event, but yet the majority (perhaps all) of the suspects on this occasion were from Islamic majority countries.


The leaders of the European Union have long seen national identities as an obstacle to their grand socialist, bureaucratic project. However in their efforts to smash national identities, they have encouraged negative attitudes and self-hatred, and sown division. This has weakened our resistance to the anti-Democratic and supremacist ideology of Islam. By also inviting so many people from Islamic countries into our nations recently, these leaders have created the climate for the very thing that the European project was supposed to avoid – civil conflict within Europe. It is these leaders, who have so little regard for our shared identity, our European culture, who are endangering us, not those on the right who still cherish a sense of this shared identity. The reaction against these mindless left-wing leaders is not a resurgence of nationalism in the old sense, but rather a reaction against the tyranny of these left-wing politically “correct” leaders who are so hostile to our European past and identity.

In their attempts to control the people of Europe, and force them to accept their vision, they have greatly undermined our most fundamental and hard-won freedom, the freedom of speech and expression. Increasingly European governments have used the threatening words of Islamic hate preachers as an excuse to curb the freedom of speech of everybody else. They have also used the threat of Islamic terrorist attacks, and a greatly exaggerated and largely imagined threat of anti-Islamic violence, as excuses to increase the surveillance of their entire populations.  We must force the resignation of these current leaders if we are to re-discover our shared identity and recover our freedoms, so hard-won by previous generations.


I often encounter the view that it is the declining Christian faith of Europe that has left us weakened and exposed in the face of the increasing influence of the Islamic religion. Many of those who subscribe to this view often also think that the only thing that can save us from this influence is a revival of Christianity. I take a rather different view however, as I see the influence of Christian ideals in our meekness, as I explained in a previous blog post:

Christianity And Western Decline

Even if a more widespread revival of Christianity could be considered as desirable, I doubt that it is achievable. Many Europeans simply no longer believe in a supreme being, still less in the miracles that are claimed as part of the story of Jesus. Ours is a more rational age, and we should be thankful of that. To force people to attend church against their will would be a very un-Christian thing to do.

Perhaps if the church leaders adopted a more rational and universal moral philosophy, they might attract more people to return to attending their churches.  Such a universal moral philosophy would necessarily also reject Islam.  The church leaders must also openly reject Islam if they are to recover the moral high ground, instead of meekly submitting to its influence.


I suggest that we Europeans, both Christians and Atheists, do in fact have a shared identity, and that we should celebrate it loudly and proudly and with a cheerful heart. Our shared identity should be considered to include not just Christian values and art, but also secular art and the ideas of the Enlightenment, which paved the way for so much European scientific and technological progress.

Let us rejoice in the writings of Shakespeare, Voltaire, Dickens and so many more great European writers. None of these writers would be tolerated in a world dominated by Islam.

Let us rejoice in our traditions of comedy and satire, of Monty Python’s Life of Brian for example, and Voltaire’s Candide and Mahomet.  Comedy and satire would not be tolerated in an Islamic society, especially not where it dares to mock religions.

Let us rejoice in the music of J.S.Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Mahler, Ravel, Debussy and so many more great European composers.  None of this beautiful music would be tolerated in a world dominated by Islam. Let us rejoice in the music of more recent times as well, such as the Beatles, Abba and Pink Floyd and many more.

Let us rejoice in the paintings of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Monet, Van Gogh and so many more great European painters. None of their paintings would be tolerated in a world dominated by Islam.

Let us rejoice in the glorious architecture and sculpture of our Christian heritage – Notre Dame, Florence, Milan, York Minster, King’s College Chapel and so many more. Do we wish to see these beautiful buildings converted into mosques? I can say even as an atheist that I object very strongly to the idea. I feel these buildings are part of our heritage, and Islam should not be, because it would not tolerate their existence as churches.

Let us rejoice in all our scientific and technological achievements as well.

It is as much Freedom of Speech, of expression, that characterizes the modern European as it is our Christian past. This is the most fundamental thing that should unite us, that we should consider as the most important part of our shared identity. Church and State have also long been kept separate in most European countries, and we should also cherish this as it is much more likely that people of different beliefs will live in harmony. Islam is too political and almost invariably leads to intolerance of other beliefs and ultimately to theocracy.


In summary, I suggest we must rediscover and celebrate our shared identity, that which we Europeans have in common, or else we could lose this identity to that which is hostile to every aspect of it, namely the Islamic religion.

5 thoughts on “Our Shared European Identity

  1. Where is the effective outrage of non-Muslims? Individually there is outrage. What’s missing is the ability to organize collective action for any such attempts are met with brutal suppression by the state and the soft suppression through ostracizing by the media. A better question is not why non-Muslims don’t confront the Islamic threat, it’s why is the state actively suppresses any action to counter the threat. Are western media and governments active participants in Islamicizing the west or unwitting dupes? If the former, the question is why. If the latter the questions is why are we cleaning these idiots out of office.


    • “why is the state actively suppresses any action to counter the threat”

      The truth is that we have to take risks and oppose them regardless. I have wondered a few times while writing this blog, will there be a knock at the door, will I be thrown into a prison teeming with violent Muslim offenders? I am still here, I am still writing. The suppression you speak of only works because the majority are silent, and by their silence, acquiescing. It largely works through fear, rather than actual policing. If however, millions of us were writing blogs, and joining marches, there would be no hope at all of the suppression succeeding.

      “Are western media and governments active participants in Islamicizing the west or unwitting dupes?”

      I would argue that it doesn’t matter. What matters is only that we are allowing them to destroy our shared identity, through our silence and timidity.

      Breitbart reports that a majority of Germans now want Merkel gone after the next election, so the mood is gradually changing. But why don’t the people of Germany come out to demonstrate en masse and force her resignation RIGHT NOW? This is not outrage, this is dithering and timidity. Huge numbers of people came out and protested against President Morsi in Egypt, now he is in prison. The Germans would do the same if the collective outrage existed. We can help to build that collective outrage by speaking out ourselves, outside Germany. Every voice counts. Germans have visited my blog.

      Soon the millions who have already reached Germany will be demanding the right to a family life (enshrined in the ECHR), and demanding their relatives be allowed to join them. These are young people, Germany is ageing. Even if immigration was stopped today, Germany may be already on course to be a Muslim majority country within a generation, unless the madness of unlimited welfare is stopped, right now. This is a disaster not just for Germany, but the whole of Europe. It must not be allowed to happen. There is no time to lose.

      Who will replace Merkel? It should be Petry but this is doubtful at the moment, the last election results showed socialists in the lead. A few Germans had their homes searched for posting negative comments about migrants on social media, but again, why isn’t the whole of Germany doing that? If they were, the police would not be able to suppress it. Suppression is only possible when the majority submit to it.

      Have you started a blog? The internet is our greatest weapon we must use it to the full. You could be changing people’s minds. Trudeau will do the same to Canada that Merkel, Blair did to our countries given enough time. Get the opposition in motion today, there is no time to lose. I see there is a Pegida Canada already, that is a start.

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  2. Fantastic article there and I agree with your response above too.

    To respond to your blog post I would suggest that the system has intentionally fragmented us as a people from the very foundations such as male and female connections, family, and then community. We feel disconnected because the system has disconnected us in a manipulative and stealth manner over many decades.

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    • Thanks!

      I was moved to write this because I have encountered quite a lot of despondency among those who see the threat of Islamic ideology, but also division. “Its the Christians fault!”, “Its the atheists fault!”. We have to find common cause, too much is at stake.

      We may have been manipulated, but we have become aware of it, so we can start to raise awareness among people more generally. We have to accept that the odds are stacked against us today. We are faced with complacency and ignorance, stoked by the agents of Islam who have worked their way into our government and academia. We must make connections and improve our arguments as we go. We will need to be patient, persistent and courageous, but we have truth on our side.

      Feel free to link to this post if you found it useful.

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  3. Yes I think you’re correct and you describe with eloquence.

    Please also feel free to also share my blog when of use, I updated today if you’re interested. I just linked someone to this page so hopefully you’ll get some exra traffic.

    Thanks again.

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