Islamic Lawfare – Introduction

Much has been written about “Islamist” Lawfare, which mostly refers to the use of the law to defend terrorists and terrorist organizations. However I see a wider problem, which I call Islamic Lawfare. By this phrase I mean any attempts to use or worse, alter, the law (particularly in countries whose populations are majority non-Muslim), with the intention of protecting Islam from criticism.

The worst and largest case of this I am aware of to date, have been the attempts by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to try to persuade the UN to sanction a de facto worldwide blasphemy law protecting all religions from criticism. Supporters of this gross, worldwide attack on freedom of speech seem oblivious to the fact that Islam itself blasphemes against other religions (1). Of course their real intent is to protect Islam alone from criticism, they really do not care about other religions.

In future posts, I am going to look in detail at a few examples of such Islamic lawfare in the UK. I call on all readers to join me in condemning these acts of lawfare against freedom of speech, and to add their voices to the chorus of opposition by protesting and writing to your MPs!




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