The Trials of Tommy Robinson

Once again Tommy Robinson, the former English Defence League (EDL) leader and now a leader of PEGIDA UK, is due to stand trial. The trial is due on April 14th.

[UPDATE 15 April 2016: The judge through the case out of court and criticized the police motives.


Everything I have heard about his former imprisonment and subsequent tussles with the law leads me to be believe that the authorities are misusing the law for political ends, and against freedom of speech. The most fundamental principles of British Justice are being tossed aside. The timing of the trial, as discussed in the links, should be especially concerning. If there was really a case to answer then this latest trial should have happened quite some time ago.

One of the most important principles of British Justice is equality before the law.  This means that whoever you are, whatever you have done, you will receive equal treatment if a crime has been committed against you, or if you have been accused of a crime.  This has been repeatedly ignored in Tommy Robinson’s experiences with the law.

The most glaring affront to British Justice can be seen in the terms of his release (from his previous conviction for mortgage fraud), which had nothing whatever to do with the crime he was convicted of. This is discussed in the links.

The details of his shocking experiences are described at length here:

Jamie Glazov Interviews With Tommy Robinson

Please donate to Tommy’s legal costs if you can, here is the link:

Please help with Tommy’s legal costs.

[UPDATE 11 April 2016: It looks as if this campaign has now reached target.]

It is also clear that our prisons, especially our high security prisons for the most violent offenders, are not safe places for a critic of the Islamic religion. Someone convicted merely for mortgage fraud should never have been put anywhere near such violent offenders. This is what led to the incident he is now being put on trial for, the authorities are responsible for it!  This is also highlighting the fact that there are major causes for concern about the prison system more generally as well.

Whatever you think about the EDL, PEGIDA and Islam you need to understand that when you allow the authorities to abuse the law for political ends, by your complacency, it is YOUR freedom that is being undermined. We have freedom of speech so that bad ideas can be challenged. Whatever you believe today, those ideas could be wrong.

The UK authorities are increasingly behaving like an Orwellian police state, more reminiscent of the East German STASI than the once world renowned British justice system. This subject was also discussed in my previous posts on the “Prevent” strategy. See particularly the post on “Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders”.  Things are going to get much worse if these orders become law.

The Pretend Strategy – The Story So Far

The Pretend Strategy – A New Orwellian Direction

Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders

The Pretend Strategy – From Chamberlain to Cameron


3 thoughts on “The Trials of Tommy Robinson

  1. Tommy is a front line warrior that will one day be exonerated by history as a hero of his times. What the UK authorities are doing to him is beyond belief. Britain is the crucible of liberal democracy and exported it around the world. British justice is the gold standard for fair and impartial trial. In the UK it has become a travesty of what it once was.

    I’ve donated $50 US to Tommy’s legal fund and persuaded a couple more people to do the same. If I lived in England I would be writing letters to my local member of parliament as well as the prime minister. If enough people write, they take notice. I read once that politicians gauge the sentiment of their electorate using the 100:1 ratio. For every one person who writes a politician, there are 100 more who feel the same way but do not bother to write.

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