Dysgenics and Welfare

It is now over half a century since the creation of the modern welfare state in the UK. The modern welfare state did not embody the principle that William Beveridge laid out that unemployed men should be supported by the state “but with complete and permanent loss of all citizen rights – including not only the franchise but civil freedom and fatherhood.”

To many people that statement seems quite shocking today. But, after so many decades of welfare without such limitations, where are we now? We have a large and growing underclass of people who have not only never worked but actually generations have now been born and grown up entirely supported by the welfare state.

We have a large and rapidly growing population of Muslims in the UK (this population doubled in a single decade according to census statistics). A disproportionately large percentage of Muslims (especially Muslim women) are not working and are supported by the state. Welfare is not only directly fueling the growth of this population, but is encouraging the least intelligent members of it to have more children. The tendency of this particular population to intermarry among cousins is also leading to more genetic defects in children, increasing the cost of care provided by our free healthcare system, the NHS.


Of course there are problems in the non-Muslim underclass as well. Parents who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and tobacco are damaging their children both in the womb and after birth. Parents on welfare may not only tend to be less intelligent in the first place, they are more likely to impair the development of their children’s brains during brain development as well.

Here is a study that shows there is a link between more generous welfare payments and birthrates of the recipients:

Click to access wp0809.pdf

No surprise there really. Why is it so controversial to talk about such an obvious problem? Welfare is taking money away from hard working families through taxation, making it more difficult for them to afford to have children.

An even larger problem for the hard working people is the growing state pension bill. This is a very large part of state spending. As people are living ever longer the cost continues to grow, making it still harder for hard working families to have children.

To summarize, our current generous welfare system is making it increasingly difficult for hard working members of society to afford to have children. Lazy and incapable people meanwhile are continuing to have children without restriction, courtesy of those hard working people. Its more than likely that average intelligence is falling as a result of these pressures.

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