Dysgenics and Solutions

In the last two articles I have talked about why I believe that average intelligence is falling in the “Western” world. In this article I will talk about how we can reverse this trend. Firstly attitudes will have to change. We must break the taboo and force the subject of dysgenics into the mainstream media. None of the necessary changes in government policy are going to come about until voters are forced to face reality. I appreciate that this is a huge task but the debate is already taking place in the alternative media and blogosphere to some extent. Even if those working couples who are having children currently increased the number of children they had just a little, we could soon be back to sustainable levels. If they could be made to see that the children they are having face a bleak future if average intelligence continues to decline, then they might be persuaded to have just one or two more. Couples must also be persuaded to have children earlier to reduce the risks of birth defects.

Secondly we simply have to reduce the welfare bill to reduce the burden on working families. To have children whilst you are unemployed is to abuse the system. The smallest necessary change is to stop child benefit payments altogether to those who have children while they are not working. As shown in the last article these payments directly lead to an increase in birth rates among the least intelligent members of society.  Trying to fight poverty by giving unrestricted welfare to people who will not work merely creates more poverty. A change to flexible retirement age for state pension payments should be considered to relieve the financial pressure on working families. Some people argue that we should go even further and abolish the welfare state altogether. I think we should take this suggestion seriously. However whatever is done should be done in stages, otherwise hardship will be acute and people will resort to crime, endangering the stability of society.

Another pressure seldom mentioned is the pressure on housing. In the UK we have strict planning laws, with correspondingly low rates of house building and yet very high rates of net migration into our country. We don’t want to turn our green and pleasant land into a concrete jungle, so instead we should regain control of our borders and stop immigration in its tracks. The key to a peaceful and happy future is sustainability and stability in all things. At the moment even those working couples who want to have children are thwarted by the astronomically high house prices in the UK.

Till now, successive governments have used mass immigration as a solution, for example simply propping up the NHS by importing doctors and nurses from other countries. The Labour government dramatically increased the wages of doctors partly in order to attract doctors from foreign countries. This is morally indefensible. The countries affected can scarcely afford to lose these people. In any case, eventually those countries will start to object and we will be left with a shortage of new doctors. We must return to a sustainable situation where the middle classes have enough children so that there are enough children born here capable of becoming the doctors of the future. The same applies to all other professions as well. There may in fact be a large brain drain effect occurring as the “West” draws the most intelligent people from less developed nations. This could even be a significant factor in the breakdown of stability in these countries. It may even explain why some countries continue to be basket cases even with the wide availability of new technology such as mobile phones.

If we fail to change direction, then our decline will continue until our current democratic system collapses altogether. The burden on taxpayers will just grow to the point where the state is bankrupted. Those who wish for such an outcome should think carefully about it. Banks could collapse. The police, emergency services, army would all be unpaid. A complete breakdown in law and order could occur, with no doctors and nurses available to treat the casualties of the huge crime wave that would result. Far better to at least attempt to achieve a managed transition to a better society.

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